Taking young talent to new heights

The Takatuf Scholars Programme joins academic excellence to real world experiences. Designed to prepare Oman’s most talented young people for personal and professional success, the programme introduces them to the tools and equips them with the skills needed to adapt to an ever-changing global environment, for the good of Oman.

Finding ways to support the success of Oman’s youth in this new 21st century of learning is a core goal of the Takatuf Scholars Programme. It endorses the principle that education and learning are the engines of growth and prosperity in a global knowledge economy. It is built upon the premise that this investment will have a long-term return for the individual and the nation, and that an international learning experience will prepare our Scholars to honour the principles articulated by His Majesty the Sultan in his speech of 26 November 1975,

“We belong to the international community and define our policy with utmost clarity: one hand builds internally, and the other is extended in good will to contribute creatively and effectively to world events and developments.”