Professor Kathryn Bindon
Programme Director

Programme Director’s Introduction

This century is unlike any other, given the extent of the challenges that our young people face. Not least of these is the need to adapt to rapid change, to harness information and technology in the workplace, and to prepare for life where global networking is the norm. Takatuf Scholars, therefore, has been designed to ensure that learning and academic excellence are closely linked to the real world and to practical accomplishment.

Developing human capital for this century requires an awareness of the need for continuous lifelong learning for the preparation of Omanis as citizens and employees, as well as an understanding of the ways in which changes have taken place in the core competencies required for effective participation. When joined with the key employability skills and abilities required for an innovative and competitive economy, the patterns and processes of learning must be adapted. The undergraduate degree – where students are honing their intellectual skills and abilities, forming their world view, and building their social capital – is a critical connector to a successful and engaged future.

The Takatuf Scholars Programme invites students to apply during their final semester of Grade 10 and follows those who are successful through completion of their undergraduate degree, at which time they are invited to become members of the Takatuf Scholars Alumni group.

Students are offered seats as per the application and selection policy, and are introduced to tools for success through an integrated enrichment residential programme during the summer. They continue to work on reflection and learning tasks that complement their Grade 11 studies during the next year, and are provided with feedback and assessment by the programme Directorate. Throughout their university studies and beyond, they remain in contact with the Takatuf Scholars Programme staff who will provide advice and counsel as they monitor the scholar’s progress.

We hope that all Takatuf Scholars will continue to add value to the programme after graduation, when their contributions of time, expertise, and ideas will create new opportunities for the youth of Oman through structured mentoring and alumni programmes.

The top achievers are offered scholarships for international study, including two years of preparatory school and four years leading to an undergraduate degree.