The Takatuf Scholar

The principles of the programme, and the characteristics of Takatuf Scholars, are summarised as:

  • Takatuf Scholars will be prepared for academic success in the leading universities of the world
  • Takatuf Scholars will be engaged in their community and will be generous in their personal and professional commitment to their society
  • Takatuf Scholars will have a world view and international experience that will support them as national and global leaders
  • Takatuf Scholars will have experience of other cultures and societies
  • Takatuf Scholars will be role models as well as leaders. Just as the Scholars will have enriched their lives and opportunities through education, they will encourage and support their peers and colleagues in finding pathways to personal and professional excellence
  • Takatuf Scholars will be able to learn and lead, and will represent Oman to peers throughout the world just as they bring the lessons they learn from others back to Oman
  • Takatuf Scholars will be a source of knowledge and expertise about the world in the 21st century and will have the ability to adapt and apply this learning to the benefit of Oman
  • Takatuf Scholars will be drawn from all regions of Oman, and as graduates will be prepared to hold key positions in the public and private sectors of the Sultanate