Ibrahim Al Harthi
MD - Takatuf Oman L.L.C.

Message from the MD of Takatuf Oman L.L.C.

Learning today is a lifelong activity. The need to understand new knowledge and be able to figure out and apply new technologies is now linked to the equally important challenge of understanding our world on many levels.

Takatuf Oman L.L.C. is dedicated to identifying and developing the talents of all employees in Oman Oil Company’s group of partner companies. In doing this, we look to model new approaches to human capital development at all stages of an individual’s career. Whether we are looking for new ways of recruiting talent, or innovative approaches to continuous performance improvement and assessment, all of our initiatives relate in some way to learning, and the ability to apply learning in an effective and socially responsible way.

The Takatuf Scholars Programme is an important bridge to the young people of Oman. It shares our commitment to human capital development, and reflects the Takatuf Oman values of diversity, respect, innovation, responsiveness and creation of value.

At Takatuf Oman, we learn from each other as we search for new and better ways to help Omanis succeed in this knowledge economy of innovation and global connections. The Takatuf Scholars Programme adds new breadth to our reach just as it enlarges the scope of our endeavours.