Benefits of The Programme

Students who are selected as Takatuf Scholars will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Accommodation and full tuition for the Summer Residential Programme
  • An opportunity to hone their language and critical thinking skills as they gain valuable academic and practical skills in both formal and informal settings
  • Each Takatuf Scholar will be given access to the e-Portfolio system
  • Takatuf Scholars will be sponsored for various formal and preparatory tests of their academic preparation for higher education
  • Guidance as to selection of course of study and universities of preference will be provided
  • Selected scholars will be asked to participate as peer mentors and leaders in the summer residential scholars programme in subsequent years, and will have access to additional training and development courses
  • Scholars will continue to have access to the advising services of the Takatuf Scholars Directorate, and will be encouraged to maintain use of their e-Portfolio throughout the academic and professional careers
  • Takatuf Scholars will enjoy support from the Takatuf Scholars Directorate for summer internships, sponsorship for further study and career opportunities
  • All Takatuf Scholars will be formally recognized as members of the class of the year of their selection

In addition to the benefits enjoyed as a Takatuf Scholar, students who are selected as Takatuf International Scholars will receive the following:

  • Full scholarship and stipend covering room, board, medical insurance, tuition, ancillary fees and books for up to two years of Preparatory School and up to four years of University to complete an undergraduate degree:
    • In addition to providing students with an international academic experience in which they can polish their academic skills, complete university admission testing and application requirements and become familiar with international learning culture, the time in   preparatory school will be used to develop social capital, a global network, an appreciation of cultural diversity and a personal network of peers and mentors
    • During the preparatory phase students will be advised in terms of choice of university, selection of programme of study, opportunities for extra-curricular and service engagement and career options
    • The choice of undergraduate institution will be supported by the Takatuf Scholars Directorate, whose network of partner institutions in the world’s leading educational systems will inform the decision. Emphasis will be on the undergraduate experience and institutions that provide a secure learning environment in which academic, practical, and personal skills and abilities are valued as learning outcomes
  • All costs relating to immigration, student visas, etc.
  • A monthly stipend
  • Return travel to Oman for long breaks for debriefing and family time
  • Return travel for summer assignment in Oman and to point of origin for vacation and family time
  • Access to funding for support of extra-curricular activities (on application and with approval of the Directorate)