Becoming an Independent Learner

During the Grade 11 year, Takatuf Scholars are asked to complete a series of assignments and develop their abilities as independent learners and support success in their higher education studies.

Portfolio: A portfolio allows the Takatuf Scholar to build a personal profile over the years to demonstrate accomplishments, challenges and growth. It is an important tool for learning effective methods of self-assessment and developing critical thinking, communication and presentation skills. The e-Portfolio platform underscores our commitment to integrating ICT into all aspects of the learning programme. Scholars are asked to build their portfolio initially from the summer programme and Grade 11 experiences.

English Language Proficiency: Scholars are asked to engage in routine self-assessment, set goals and objectives for improvement, use the online learning programme and identify ways to improve their proficiency and usage throughout the year.

Project: Scholars are asked to identify a project, to be undertaken alone or with peers, that involves an element of service to community and allows them to demonstrate leadership. Proposals and detailed action plans are required, together with a mid-point review and a final report.

Reflections: Scholars are asked to demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills through monthly journals or reflection exercises. They are asked to respond to set questions in video or audio journals, or in written pieces.

Practice Tests: Scholars will be directed to opportunities to practice for formal testing from time to time.

Formal Testing: At the end of the first semester, Takatuf Scholars will take formal international standardised tests that will assess their levels of English language proficiency, critical thinking and other skills.

Throughout the year, Takatuf Scholars will be considering their choices for the future. Some Takatuf Scholars may choose to remain in the Sultanate for their university studies, while others will target obtaining a national scholarship for study at home or abroad.

The Takatuf Scholars Directorate will provide advice regarding options for higher education. Every Takatuf Scholar will continue to build a portfolio, and will have the benefit of continuing mentoring and academic advising from the Takatuf Scholars Directorate.