Residential Summer Programme

Takatuf Scholars come from all over Oman, from public and private schools, and with varying degrees of experience. During the summer, all sixty come together for an intensive, integrated three-week programme of intellectual and personal enrichment. The programme is residential and classroom activities are co-educational; content is a rigorous introduction to many learning tools that will support the Scholar’s effective, continued learning in and for the 21st century.

International teachers and professors design the curriculum, and adapt it to the scholars’ level of preparation to maximize effective learning. The programme is interdisciplinary, applied and problem based; it is conducted in English in an atmosphere of application and inquiry, and faculty and students are supported by teaching assistants and peer tutors. The programme includes preliminary preparation for formal English Language testing as well as other international tests such as the PSAT or IT Skills tests. Students are introduced to project-based and service learning as they develop their skills in research, analysis, presentation and communication (including public speaking and ICT) through both formal and informal learning opportunities. All Takatuf Scholars are provided with a laptop computer as an essential learning tool for the 21st century; they are provided with an e-Portfolio platform that they may continue to build throughout their lifetime. Assessment is quantitative, qualitative and observational and includes team work, quality of participation and assignments, test results and specific tasks and presentations. An important aspect of both the formal and informal learning will be organised activities and excursions that will allow for practical development of English Language skills through an exploration of Oman’s history and culture.