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February 2020

Takatuf Scholars Programme Starts a New Cohort

Takatuf Scholars Programme has opened applications for a new cohort of students, 2020. This year, the applications will be accepted from students in Grade 11 in schools in all Governorates around the Sultanate. As usual, the application portal will be available on the Takatuf Scholars website and the deadline will be the end of March 25th, 2020.

Enrichment Programme

Phase 1 of the programme takes place in Oman. If you are offered and accept a seat in the Enrichment Programme, you will start with a 3-4 week Summer Residential Programme (SRP). This will be a great opportunity for you to develop your 21st century skills and prepare to be a successful student and future employee. After you have completed the SRP, you will continue to submit assignments as part of the Enrichment Programme (approximately 2 assignments per month for 4 months). In February of your year of selection, you will be attending 3-4 days of workshops after which you would have completed the Enrichment Programme. If you are among the top performing students, you will be invited to a personal interview, as the final element in competing for the international scholarship. Your performance in the Enrichment Programme will decide whether you qualify to be offered an international scholarship or not. If you do not qualify for an international scholarship, you may apply for a national scholarship, if available.

What the Scholarship Includes

The international scholarship supports attendance at an international boarding school for two years. This will prepare you for the rigour of applying to and attending leading universities. By the end of year 2 at the boarding school, you must have an offer of admission to university.

Throughout the six-year international scholarship, you will receive extensive support at multiple levels. The Programme will be closely monitoring your academic and personal development, in addition to the support you will receive from the boarding school and university. You will receive a monthly allowance and other annual allowances to cover your tuition, travel, clothing, accommodation, health care, and other expenses.

Application and Selection

Online applications will be open in February – March 2020. You will have to submit a complete application via the online application platform to be considered for a scholarship. Subsequently, you will be evaluated using tests to assess your English language proficiency and preparation for learning at a tertiary level. There will be a written element in the selection process in addition to an interview. All assessments will be in English. This process leads to identifying students who will receive the national scholarships or join the enrichment programme in competition for the international scholarships.


• This scholarship is available to Omani nationals who are registered in Grade 11 at the point of application.
• To be considered for the programme, the student must complete the application process in English and upload all required documents. Incomplete applications or those not submitted in English will not be considered.
• To be eligible to apply,
o Students from Al Wusta Governorate must have achieved an overall average of 65% or above and a score C or above in English in the first semester of Grade 11 as evident in the transcript.
o Students from all other governorates must have achieved an overall average of 70% or above and a score C or above in English in the first semester of Grade 11 as evident in the transcript.

For further questions about the programme, please check the FAQ

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